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Our Resort '19 collection is inspired by the evolution of the mythology of Medusa. There are many myths and tales surrounding this powerful and beautiful creature and there is an alluring fascination not just to the story but the evolution of the story itself throughout time. How she has evolved from a hideous creature to a symbol of feminine strength and power.

By some she is described as a long haired, fair maiden whose beauty was all enchanting, especially to Poseidon. The narrative says Poseidon & Medusa were in love – others say Poseidon desecrated her in Athena’s temple which is why Athena cursed and punished her. Depriving Medusa of her being and stripped of every aspect of her beauty, she was transformed from beauty to dangerous attraction.

She has been a source of inspiration for many over time, an alluring tale of feminine fascination and allure, was she creature or romantic victim? In medieval times she was viewed only as monstrous because of how her beauty affected others, gaining popularity in the punk and goth subculture - Medusa emerged as a symbol of rebellion, once a classic beauty to romantic victim, who need not be beautiful again. A story of beautiful rebellion. Our exploration infers a subtle depiction – shapes and silhouettes focusing on the female body and form as well as a focus on serpents, small details following shapes and movement - long ties that wrap around entwining you like a snake.

We have explored these themes of this glorious rebel, femme fatale who possesses deadly fascination and appreciation of feminine beauty.

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