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Van Der Kooij (VDK) is a luxury womenswear label established to combine the two foundations of sustainability and design. Van Der Kooij marries feminine silhouettes with a contemporary edge. Dynamic printed silks, exquisite textures, luxury fabrics and delicate lace work are pieced together with high quality construction and finishing. Our emphasis is on creativity, quality and being environmentally conscious. 

Van Der Kooij has a fashion forward approach to sustainability. We uphold these values by remaining a part of the creative process through every step, ensuring that the inputs and processes that contribute to our garments comply with our philosophy. Every collection tells a unique story with each piece designed and crafted to evoke the essence of our inspiration and gives life to our underlying ethos.

Van Der Kooij is run by founder, director and head designer Natasha Veenhuizen and supported by a network of talented and driven creatives. VDK’s first collection was created in 2018 and we began expanding into the international market with our first showings in New York and Paris in 2019. As appreciation for our philosophy and of our pieces gained traction, we saw growth and loyalty to our brand over the last twelve months with our first international orders being delivered for SS20.