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Our 'These are a few of my favourite things' is a series that gives insight into a raw, unedited and candid visual of the special mementos and keep sakes of women that inspire us! We are so excited to have Bianca Gregg sharing all her fave things with us… 

Bianca is founder and co-director of Del Rainbow, a global sales & brand development agency based in Byron Bay. I was so fortunate to meet Bianca just shy of two years ago. The first time we met it was one of those occasions when the energy in the room was electric. I truly felt that she understood and appreciated what Van Der Kooij was all about. We spoke for hours in the gorgeous showroom up in Byron and I knew it was the start of something quite special! I am constantly blown away by Bianca’s support and the positivity that she not only shares with the brands that she represents but with the world.

We are so lucky to work with a like minded team that Bianca leads at Del Rainbow, for our story to be communicated with so much passion and intention. When faced with such a turbulent year, Bianca focussed on the positives and shone a light for the rest of us to follow. We are currently showing virtually until travel is safe and not only did they manage to set up the most wonderful virtual experience, Del Rainbow was recognised by Forbes Magazine for their innovation in creating a digital platform like no other.  Alongside making all of this happen the Del Rainbow Store opened earlier this year, where you will find a carefully curated selection of brands that are committed to creating a better world. So, you can see why this talented woman is constantly inspiring and motivating us and we feel very lucky to get an insight into her world. 

bianca greggs favourite things

 As a part of this series we asked Bianca to capture some of her favourite things and to share with us the stories behind them... 

'We recently moved from our 100 acre property to a studio apartment which is right in between both of our businesses (Del Rainbow & Del Rainbow Store). With this move, a new lounge setting was key. For me, I really wanted something that created such a feeling for the space and decided to create a cozy area that felt very luscious. Lounge, but make it fabulous. A feeling towards 2020. This Sarah Ellison Muse Velvet Lounge & Tide Coffee create this space.'


'These Gucci Shoes I purchased on one of my sales trips to NY when we stopped through LA. At the time, P-Diddy was next to me in the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive really shopping up a storm and inspired me to go big with these babies after a huge market trip. They really bring me so much joy and make very outfit feel like magic, as they create rainbows on the ground when I walk when the heels catch the light. They could not be a more perfect pairing with my Van Der Kooij Cornflower Long Sleeve Mini Dress, a match made in heaven.'


'Meatloaf & King are our British Bulldogs, who are my absolute everything. They have the greatest personalities and make everyday incredible. They are so hilarious and definitely align with my partner Arlen & I. King definitely takes after me and Meatloaf, Arlen.'



'At the end of each day, I love taking the dogs for a walk in the field opposite the Del Rainbow HQ. It’s this one patch with beautiful pine trees, grass and sand. It feels like it’s own little world. The sunset is always magical, streaming through the trees. I love the contrast of my worlds, stepping over here in my look for the day in between global market time zones whilst running around with my dogs.' 

 To discover more of the magic that Bianca embodies you can explore Del Rainbow online or pop into the Byron Bay Del Rainbow Store for the experience in person. 

Bianca is wearing our limited production Cornflower Silk Mini Dress & Cornflower Volume Sleeve Maxi Dress printed & made locally in Australia with a tree planted for every creation.