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WWA: Embracing Diversity in Australian Design

WWA: Embracing Diversity in Australian Design
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Showroom-X for the #WeWearAustralian campaign, a powerful initiative that holds a special place in our hearts. Launched in 2020, #WeWearAustralian was created to unite and uplift the Australian fashion industry during the challenging times of COVID-19. With global production disruptions and the livelihoods of designers at stake, supporting local talent has never been more crucial.
we wear australian van der kooij
Showroom-X has revolutionised the We Wear Australian campaign by introducing a direct-to-consumer platform, seamlessly connecting fashion enthusiasts with international brands and offering efficient global shipping. Through this collaboration, independent Australian Designers gain amplified exposure, leveraging international advertising opportunities and expanding their reach to a wider audience.
Captured against the backdrop of their own homes and surroundings, the campaign exudes a contagious sense of joy and optimism. Fashion has the incredible ability to uplift spirits and inspire hope, and we are honoured to showcase the extraordinary talent within the Australian fashion landscape.